Networking Social for Bukharian Jews in their 20's and 30's.

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On Thursday, March 2nd 2017, Bukharian Jewish Union (BJU), a newly formed 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, hosted a Networking Social for Bukharian Jews in their 20's and 30's.  The private room of the chic midtown lounge Proper West was filled with forty-eight Bukharian Jewish young professionals representing industries such as medicine, law, finance, education, business, entertainment, non-for profit and technology. Impressed with the guest turnout, BJU's Director of Event Planning, Yasmin Pinhasov-Malaev commented “Wow, I am truly proud of all the established young professionals we have in our community, and I am glad everyone had a chance to engage with one another tonight.”  

Betty Yusupov, President of BJU welcomed the group, explaining that BJU is a central hub for professional, social, and cultural growth for Bukharian Jews in their 20’s and 30’s. Following introductions, Vice President of Finance, Alex Babakhanov and Senior Director of Event Planning, Enita Iskhakova led a social icebreaker session, which helped to seamlessly engage participants and facilitate dialogue and among guests. Once the ice was broken, guests were grouped into their respective industries and had the opportunity to meet others in their field as well as foster connections both professionally and socially with their peers. As a final treat to guests in attendance, BJU's Director of Marketing & Communications, Jessica Davydov drew the raffle for gift certificates from our generous sponsors, Starbucks and Colbeh Kosher Restaurant.

The networking social proved to be a success, with guests building career connections that can go beyond the bounds of just that night. Daniel Yuabov, of Carvoy mentioned how he created valuable relationships that night and commented “I came in here knowing just a few people and walked out with two people that I set up lunch with for my business idea.” It is connections like these that BJU hopes to develop as they expand their reach even further in the Bukharian Young Professional Community to fulfill their mission as an organization. The non-profit was developed by a group of volunteers driven by a mutual goal of bringing together Bukharian Jewish young professionals in their 20's and 30's, and were eager to represent this segment of the community. Alexander Cohen, Director of Operations reminded that regardless of BJU's target audience, the organization is open to peers of all Jewish backgrounds.


The mission of the Bukharian Jewish Union (BJU) is to:

Create a vibrant network and community of Bukharian Jewish young adults;

Celebrate the rich heritage and culture of the Bukharian Jews;

Connect with American Jewish organizations in order to build relationships based on mutual respect; &

Collaborate with the broader Bukharian Jewish community in the U.S., Israel, and throughout the world.

This organization is made possible with the generous support of UJA Federation of NY. BJU board would like to thank Queens College Hillel for their partnership in Young Bukharian Leadership Institute.

BJU Board Members

President - Betty Yusupov Esq.

VP of Finance - Alexander Babakhanov

VP of Community Relationship - Manashe Khaimov

Director of Operations - Alexander Cohen, Esq.  

Senior Director of Event Planning - Enita Iskhakova

Director of Event Planning - Yasmin Pinhasov-Malaev        

Director of Marketing & Communications - Jessica Davydov

Director of Finance - Emil Isanov     

Director of Outreach - Ruben Shimonov

Director of Community Engagement - David Aronov

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