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    Beautiful quotes for Mother or MOM


    The entire of the mom’s fraternity is adept at judiciously managing the whole lot from family chores to the all the affairs associated to all of the members of the family. Th... (more)

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    The birthday - "A day like everybody else?" Or "Expensive no birthday current as a paperweight?"


    In case you take a look at related boards on the Web, it's horrifying which little or unfavorable significance your individual birthday has for many. The variety of those that... (more)

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    ‘The Manganiyar Classroom’ musical strives to keep a musical tradition alive


    If you haven’t heard of The Manganiyar Classroom as yet, it’s time you do. Directed by Roysten Abel, this musical showcases and celebrates the folk tunes and young... (more)

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    This Himalayan village created India’s first community-run Instagram account


    You may not have heard of Sarmoli – a small, sleepy hamlet in the Himalayan mountains– but thousands of Instagrammers have. Yes, it’s in this remote corner of... (more)

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    Bangalore! Books & Brews India returns, bigger and better than ever


    In this age of kindles and Amazon, ‘Books & Brews India’ is a rare thing: a series of live readings for hungry bibliophiles, and a community drawn to words. This ha... (more)

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    How Digital Marketing certifications will work in tandem with latest technologies

    Clark Alston

    Making predictions about anything is not easy but to not think of the future is not easy either. In the context of digital marketing trends, if you cannot think of the future, you... (more)

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    how do I enable the FM receiver on my iPhone 6


    I find it perplexing that Apple didn’t initially include an AM/FM radio in its iPod music players, or in its later Smartphone. Other companies, such as Creative, include... (more)

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    Finding Out How Microdermabrasion Does The Job Successfully

    Divog Riggy

    Microdermabrasion can be a cosmetic method focused in taking away dead cells, exercising producing more residing tissues to change them, plus the creation of collagen to give skin... (more)

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    6 iconic bookstores you need to visit in Bangalore


    In this age of kindles and Amazon, ‘Books & Brews’ by Bangalore’s The Hummingtree is a rare thing: a bookshop crawl that invites people to get... (more)

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    How to Prepare Yourself for the Coveted Role of A Data Scientist

    clayton clive

    More companies are searching for marketers who aren’t just conversant with digital tools, but especially big data-people who can pin down actionable results of... (more)

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    ElderAid helps seniors live life to the fullest


    Growing old – it is an inevitability that most of us are apprehensive about, and it’s a prospect that appears all the more daunting in present times since the... (more)

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    Chefs Wear Clothing Is The Only Skill You Really Need


    If you are thinking of following a business as a chef the most important thing is that you may be thinking about what kind of (more)